No matter if you’re still looking at homes for sale or if you’ve just purchased a new home, here are a few smartphone and tablet apps that every homeowner should check out.  These apps can help you with a multitude of tasks from: decorating, budgeting, remodeling projects and even paying your bills.

Helpful apps are designed to make owning a home a bit less stressful and of course save you some time, while keeping you organized.  No matter if you want to create an inventory for your insurance company or get busy with your own DIY project, the list below is a great collection to get you started.

1. iHandy Level – No matter if you’re hanging up a valuable art piece, a picture frame or a shelf, this handy level will help make sure it’s straight.  Turn your smartphone into a level usable anywhere and anytime.

2. ColorSmart by BEHR – Coral Sands, Moonlight Grey or Pinecone Green? Discover which paint color would look best in a room without making a single stroke.  This app allows you to take a picture of the room, choose your paint, and then preview what the room would look like in the hues you’ve chosen.      It’s a great time and energy saver.

3. Photo Measures – Drop that ruler and pencil! With this app, you simply take an image of a room, then write in all its measurements so you never have to guess how much paint you need or what size curtains to buy.  Photo measures does all the measurements for you.

4. Billminder – Never pay a late fee again!  This app allows you to organize your mortgage, utilities, cable and all other bills by their due dates.  Then it sends you reminders when they’re coming due or as the due dates get close.  You can even set up their secure AutoPay option that will automatically pay your bill on its due date.

5. My Home – Although we don’t like to think about it, disasters can happen.  This app lets you take pictures, write descriptions, and add bar codes of your possessions and organizes them by which room they are in.  This will come in handy for determining how much insurance you need and/or filing a claim if you ever need to.

6. Home Budget - A very popular money tracking app for homeowners.  This is an integrated app designed to make your expense tracking simple. You can input your income and expenditures and obtain assistance for budgeting.  Creating a budget can help you save money for specific things like vacation, buying another car or having a baby.

7. My Stuff2 Pro Home Inventory – Keep track and photograph your entire household and contents. Avoid buying duplicate items and have everything organized in the event you need to file an insurance claim.  They even have a barcode scanning system and Amazon integration.  It literally tracks anything like: jewelry, videos, electronics, furniture and collectibles.  You can categorize objects any way you like and make customized settings or features.  You create a personal database with reports that can be printed via AirPrint.

8. LifeTopix - is a comprehensive planner that keeps track of your schedule in all areas of your life: home, school, finances, travel, and more.  With this app, you can keep track of health care appointments, make to-do lists, track your weight and fitness, make shopping lists, keep track of receipts and much, much more.  Categorized into 12 main areas (Tasks/Projects, Shopping, Events, Travel/Places, People/Services, Health/Activity, Finances, Home/Assets, Education, Notes/Files, Media, and Bookmarks, LifeTopix automatically populates itself with the existing information on your devices and alerts you as they pop up.  The app also integrates and syncs with programs like Evernote and Dropbox.

9. Houzz Interior Designs - Looking for great design ideas for your new space? Use the app to browse the internet’s largest database of interior design photos and bookmark your favorite inspirations.  Organize and save photos of your favorite spaces and design ideas for easy access, and even find a local designer to bring your design dreams to reality.  Be sure to visit Case Indy’s Houzz profile to view many of our home remodeling projects.

10. iFixIt – is an excellent DIY-oriented app, focused on do it yourself repairs.  iFixIt includes repair and teardown guides for numerous categories of devices, cars and trucks to smartphones, tablets and common household appliances or furniture.  iFixIt's guides take you through the process of breaking open devices, diagnosing problems, making repairs and part replacements.  Users can browse by category or device model, check out featured guides, and even create and upload their own teardown or repair guides straight from the app.  If you don't have the parts or tools you need, the app helpfully includes links to iFixIt's own online store.

11. Home Improvement Calcs – this app helps users looking for a series of DIY calculators and estimation tools.  Also a handy app that brings together numerous useful tools into a single program. The app sports a variety of calculators and estimating tools for common home improvement, landscaping, and construction tasks. Need to figure out how much concrete you need for a circular column? Want to estimate how much carpeting or linoleum you'll need?  Just plug in the measurements and Home Improvement Calcs will do the mental heavy lifting for you.

Now enjoy trying out these apps and find out which one or all may fit your household’s needs.  In the end saving time and money is always helpful but as a homeowner it is essential.