March 22, 2019

How to Make Property Tax Exemptions Work for You

How to Make Property Tax Exemptions Work for You

(Homestead and Senior Exemptions)

You’re thrilled that the value of your home is going up. Like most Americans, your home is one of your most important investments and your pathway to wealth. Until the property tax bill comes!

Whether you are ...

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Jan. 18, 2019

Time to File for Homestead Exemption

Tax season is around the corner, if you bought a house as a primary residence, then you will need to fill out the Homestead Exemption for your county before April 1st to save money on your property taxes. Below is the Homestead Information for different counties. If you have ...

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May 5, 2016

Contest Your Property Taxes

Contest Your Property Taxes

Every year property tax statements come out and there are always inaccuracies in the tax statement.  It is usually a small percentage, but you want to check over your statement when you receive it.  In order to be able to contest your property taxes, you will ...

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Jan. 28, 2016

Tax Changes for 2015

Tax Changes 2015Tax Changes for 2015

It is that time of year - TAX TIME!  When you are filing your 2015 taxes there have been some changes.  Below are a list of tax changes that you might not be aware about.

The health insurance penalty will increase a lot – In 2014, if you ...

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Sept. 24, 2015

How to Determine Basis on Your Home

How to Determine Basis on Your Home

I have had many questions,  from my clients, about what is basis is and how is it calculated on their home?  This is a brief discussion about basis and  how it is determined.  I have included links to the IRS discussing ...

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